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HR Recruitment

I. Informations
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II. Hurman resources:

Vimedimex Group has always believed manpower is the determining factor of the Group’s success, so we are making Vimedimex Group a convergence of talent.

1. Recruitment Policies
 At Vimedimex Group, recruitment policies are always firmly adhered of the Group's annual objectives as well as being flexible to meet the demand for growth and expansion of the Group during specific periods.

Vimedimex Group always have a high opinion of recruitment process to have people who are talented and dedicated to the development of the Group. Our people all have a bachelor's degree or higher, fully equipped with knowledge of the Group’s business including: Pharma, Finance, and Real Estate to meet requirements from different departments and different positions. Vimedimex Group always appreciate talent, dedication, creativity and dynamism.

2. Training & Employee Development Policies
a. Training:
Employee training and development is Vimedimex Group’s top priority. Vimedimex Group always values training policy in each specific period in the Group's development. Each employee will be encouraged and enabled to attend training courses from the Group or other institutions.

Each employee has their opportunities to attend annual professional training courses or instant training for the needs of the department, enabling them to further their capability, learn from experienced seniors, acquire knowledge, promote profession and career oriented by the Group and individual desire.

b. Career Promotion and Development:
At Vimedimex Group, equal career advancement opportunities for all employees are built as longer-term plans.

The Group has its periodical work capability and performance assessment activities (every 6 months’ time) through which the job objectives and career goals of each employee are thoroughly evaluated. The assessment is also the basis for the planning of human resources to adjust to each stage of the Group’s development. The capable employees will be fostered, trained and educated on further expertise to take on new leadership positions on the needs of the Group.

3. Salary and bonus policies:
a. Salary policies:
One of the goals that Vimedimex Group has been striving to attain is becoming an organization to create the greatest benefit for its employees, so the Group always pay attention to its remuneration policy, promoting dedication and devotion to the Group among its employees.

At Vimedimex Group, employees are fully entitled to the clear regulations concerning salary and bonus. Every year, all employees working for over 06 months are considered pay increases to adjust to their capability and inflation coefficient.

b. Reward policies:
Vimedimex Group’s Reward Policies are based on the capability and contribution of each employees.

The Group adopts its Reward policies basing on quarterly and anually performance assessment emulation. In addition, Vimedimex Group also has policies to instantly reward individuals and teams for their outstanding contribution or accomplishment that are highly effective for the Group's operation.

4. Welfare Policies
Catering for its employees’ every aspect of life is always of primary concern to Vimedimex Group. All employees are fully entitled to social insurance, health insurance policies and other benefits under the provisions of the Labor Code.

In addition, the Group’s employees can get the benefits from the welfare regimes such as Holiday bonus, quarterly bonus, 13th month salary, vacation tours, birthdays, marriages, health care, support for those in difficulty, enabling to participate in Trade Union, arts, sports activities …

5. Working environment
Adhering to the belief "Manpower is the determining factor of success", Vimedimex Group has been striving to create a dynamic, professional and modern working environment - being the best place to promote individual’s capacity as well as to connect people, creating collective strength.

    Friendly and open environment;
    Challenging and creative work;
    Fair and competitive income;
    Clear and unlimited learning / promotion opportunities;
    Performance is objectively and scientifically evaluated;
    Secure jobs that get thourough attention.

6. Corporate Culture
Operating in the fields of pharmacy, finance, and real estate, Vimedimex Group pays special attention to the core values and all its employees are aware of the commitment to comply with the principles and cultural objectives set forth by the Group.