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Opening High-tech Centre of Lung cancer Radiotherapy Treatment

Wednesday, November 20, 2013 - 09:57

     On November 18th, National Lung Hospital combining with Vimedimex Pharma Group to organize a grand opening for High Technology Lung Radiotherapy Center according to socialized form, with the most modern machinery system in the world in order to treat cancer by Linear accelerator radiotherapy Technology. This is the 3rd cancer treatment high technology center in the North (1 in Bach Mai Hospital and the other in  Hanoi K Hospital).

Lung cancer treatment in High Technology Lung Radiotherapy Center.

     In the Grand Opening, Dr.,Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Viet Nhung – Director of National Lung Hospital said lung cancer is one of the top fatal decease. In Vietnam, lung cancer ranks second in incidence and mortality of annual cancer types (both male and female counted). Each year, 20.000 cases of lung cancer are detected and 17.000 people has gone. National Lung Hospital is 1st-rate speciality hospital under the Department of Health and is the leading hospital in lung and tuberculosis treatment in Vietnam. At this time, our country’s situation of lung cancer is still serious, the number of patient is raising in every passing day while treatment facility system of the hospital has not been completed yet.Bringing the High Technology Lung Radiotherapy Center into life  will help National Lung Hospital to modernize material facilities for disease dianosed and treatment, complete the treatment process and enhance the effect of lung cancer treatment, concurrently help the patient to be treated by the safest, modernest and less painful method.

     Dr. Loan Nguyen Thi, Vimedimex’s Board of Directors said, obeying the Policy of the Party, Government  and Department of Health about socialization of Health in order to prove all the resources to serve high quality and intensive treatment, the radiotherapy system  will contribute to reduce the pain and burden of disease for patients, familys, hospitals and society concurrently bringing profit and sharing much burden for the Government.

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