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Our Business


Starting in finacial field with Hoa Binh Securities JSC (HBS), Vimedimex Group has expanded itself by buying International Fund Management Join Stock Company (IFMC) which is the stepping-stone for orienting financial companies towards investment banking model. Unit members: 1. Hoa Binh Securities Join Stock Company 2. International Fund Management...


Being one of top 5 distributing company in the field of Vietnamese pharmaceuticals, Vimedimex Group aims to comprehensively provide pharmaceutical products especially cancer drug  by many pharmaceutical manufacturing  and socialized medicine projects. Unit members : VIEW Projects : VIEW

Real Estate

Vimedimex Group provides a series of  real estate products in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang City met the diversified demands about housing, office leasing of many customer segmentations. Unit members : VIEW Projects : VIEW